About my work

Hello! I’m Rebecca. I have been developing modern, fresh, and creative websites using leading industry techniques for over 23 years. My approach is unique in Hobart in that I only offer completely custom, handmade work.

Need a new website?

I work in collaboration with some of Hobart’s most experienced graphic designers to provide complete design, development, and website maintenance services. Websites we create follow good design principles which embrace simplicity and creativity with exquisite typography. They are intuitive and friendly for your visitors. Handmade websites load fast, last many years, are optimised for search engines, are accessible, highly usable, and work wonderfully on all types of devices and browsers. I also love doing multi-lingual websites.

Have a designer but need the website built?

If you already have an existing relationship with a graphic designer, that’s no problem. I can be engaged for the website development role, and have been building sites by other designers for over a decade. I love working with custom designs, artwork, and typography. I am highly regarded by professional designers in this field, known for my meticulous attention to detail and respectful, true-to-design implementations. All my work is completely hand-crafted, providing the optimal result. I then provide complete technical services, support, and maintenance for the life of the site.

Need help with something else?

Whilst the majority of my work is building complete websites, if schedule allows, I can be hired to provide consultation or for other specialist work. For example, my expertise can complement the skills of your in-house design team, implementing projects such as living styleguides, pattern libraries, or accessible infographics. Or you might like to book in a one or two hour consultation to get some advice without committing to a full job. Please note — as is standard in the industry — I can’t fix or take over a website by another firm without their permission (but I can create a new site). Just send me details of your job, and I’d be happy to take a look!

Here are some examples of my work